When Stories Become Places

by Bright Lights

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released November 19, 2016

Engineered and Mixed by:
Sebastian Schiess @ SOS basement Recordingstudio

Produced by:
Bright Lights and Sebastian Schiess

Mastered by:
Dan Suter @ echochamber

Christian L. Rivellini, Louisfilm Cinematic Projects

Sascha Kammermann
grafikus - Atelier für visuelle Kommunikation




Bright Lights SZ, Switzerland


We're a Swiss Pop Punk/Punk Rock quintette called Bright Lights!

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Track Name: When Stories Become Places
I've heard this story ‘bout wide open space
A million miles how will I ever get this far
They tell me things I can dream about
The fields of green run through my mind all night

Hell, I wonder why I'm still here (still here)
Now I know I need to go (need to go)
Wonder where I end up when I close my eyes (close my eyes)
A point in time ‘till infinity

It’s all about time should I throw it away
Just to build a life in my head for myself
It's what we want most but what we use worst
I pack my bags and take off for a while

Will I ever come back will I ever come back
Not until these stories become places to me
I don't want to come back I don't want to come back
Not until these stories become places to me

What is the meaning of feeling free and to be on the loose
Not to waste your time by sitting around
But I’m not here to wait and see
Oh no, my purpose is to be on the move

Will I ever come back
Will I ever come back
Will I ever come back
Track Name: Hide Out
Days flew by you´re by my side
You already tried to get off this ride
If you are down I’ll cheer you up
Today's not time to say goodbye
You're miles away and it burns inside
It hurts so bad my body’s numb
If there´s rain I´ll show you sun
If you are cold I´ll keep you warm

We just run need a place to hide
Just keep going on to find our place in life
Left it all behind we won't stay the same
We’ll never feel ashamed we won’t take the blame

You just see in black and white
I’ll turn this darkness into light
There's so much shit that crosses your mind
I’ll change it into positive
If you get hurt you get some scars
I am the doc to mend your heart
If you're alone and get homesick
Just think of me I’ll be there quick
Track Name: Attitude Sickness
Pride goes before the fall
Are you willing to risk it all
I wouldn’t change a thing
Well knowing your lies in between
My terms a cutting knife you’d better strive
For a better life

I’m getting sick of your mindset
Your output is shouting regret
As everyone will see your small world is boring as hell
While I couldn’t be asking for more you’re still looking for a cure
Oh as you’ll see you’ll face your destiny

Your wandering is pointless it’s obvious to me
So many things you made up in your own reality
Predicted your position in this plunging flight
It’s the pilots seat
Track Name: Here And Now
Seize this moment now comprise it in your mind
It will never last forever we need to stick together

Seize this moment now, comprise it in your mind
It will never last forever we need to stick together
Time was running fast while we were stuck in the past
We need to let it fall tearing down the crumbling wall

Rambling conversations with no end in sight
Feelings running higher now we have to bite
The real and piercing bullet to increase our growth
and slowly realize we can’t rest on our time

Time is running fast. The clock keeps going ‘round
Getting slowly closer to the point we aim to be
We're not secured from kickbacks we have to stand our ground
No matter if we’re falling we’ll still land on our feet

There are experiences that we never expect
Sometimes the only way is to forget
In the end that’s all we really are
Nothing more but right here and now
Track Name: Overwhelmed
I think I'm trapped while I act as I never have
The smile that you gave me made me feel like I'm safe
I tried to show you that I love you this is serious
You didn´t believe me now I am the idiot

I used to spend all the nights right beside you
I put all my effort in without any in return
I used to hold you so close to my body
Then you refused me all attempts were in vain

I lay on the ground start to lose my face
And my inner self starts to escape from my body
I'm full of bad decisions
And surely I am no saint
I'm ´bout to lose my guts from these wrong turns
Nothing can push me only me by myself
I made some bad decisions
I keep rolling with the punches

But now you're away getting overwhelmed just with sorrow
As I beg for forgiveness for the damage I caused
Now you're away getting overwhelmed just with sorrow
(Losing my faith / escape from my body)
Track Name: Silver Lining
I tried to run away
Was this the best that I could do
I’d better face the mistakes I'd made
Shun retrospect and let my memories fade

The way it ended wasn´t fair
It seemed like I couldn’t tell left from right
These are the days that I’ll always regret
Yet all these good times we had I won't forget (won’t forget)

We're not born to feel so bad
Maybe I should stop to face this world alone
Was this the wrong time when we met
Will there ever be a chance to cure this ache?

Sometimes fallacies don’t seem to end
When there’s going to be a new challenge
I might once again find some solid ground
I should take some steps forward and come back around (come back around)

We love and learn from time to time
Eventually there’ll be a chance to shine
We love and learn from time to time
Every cloud has its Silver Lining
Track Name: Day By Day
Listen up I've got some things left to say
It's not my first time but it's hard for me to stay
All your eyes are staring right at me
Hesitation now don’t leave me hanging

Day by day we spent in our basement
We just wanna try to get it right
Playing our songs and dreaming of the crowd
Of moments to come while moving off the dark
With my bloody elbows and bruises on my knees
But never fucking mind us in our dirty tees

Every morning when we wake up again
Same old story a waste of time
After another endless and insane night
And it all starts again with a buzzing head
We start to fight the pain our mind set has changed
These days are leaving me deranged

State of transition taking place
At a seemingly fast outstripping pace
While I am strongly bound to change
It’s getting harder to escape
This maze that is called rat race
There are so many other
There are so many other things to chase
Track Name: Burning Mind
As I'm here on the street I’ve been set on fire
I remember my plain and innocent desire
Tired and fed up with my pursuit for peace
Please don't let this positivity cease

So I never wanna hear it again
The things you have to say
While I am willing to cooperate
You’d never do the same

So I never wanna hear again
These things you have to say
I am willing to cooperate
You’d never do the same

Verse 2
Confidence is strong cause I've seen quite a bit
Been to places that I know you wouldn't fit
And I still can't really show what I bear
Compulsory restraints leave me struggling in despair
Track Name: Singularity
So hard, creation out of dust
(Now) Who do you trust?
Growing tall like a tree
Something bright to see
And who would ever deny
There's something divine
Don't call it god, call it universe
History in reverse

Singularity (watch your mouth)
Singularity (hold your breath)
Singularity (keep in mind)
That singularity is something I despise

Odd perception, consideration
Wrong way of reflection
Taking time, when it's useless
Decisions causes stress
You're special, individual
Going on, pretending I don't know
Anything at all
Track Name: Odds And Ends
Okay now I have to I have to rethink how I
act when something starts to eat up my mind again
I know that I have to leave behind my old weakness
Or else I will lose my self-control!

Everybody just cares about themselves
And so let’s try to fight these odds and ends
Now learn to walk again these crowded streets
And start to deal with yourself

Going on raising pace avoiding your disgrace
For our own kind try to keep up with that speed
I know that I have to learn much more about you
This time I sure won’t lose my self-control!

I couldn’t go on in a world without redemption
And right now the solution’s coming to me
It’s progress rolling slowly
My mind is getting closer to an edge
Track Name: Something Bigger
A whole lot of research didn't help me understand
What it is that leads us through our daily and mundane errands
Already stretched out and looked for a helping hand
Tried to find someone (someone)
These fallacies do have to end

Sporadic dispute tried to lead me so astray
But I will maintain (maintain)
My own mind ‘till the eventual decay
Your sources (sources) show no virtue
Grasp it open up and seize the day

I couldn't think of something better than experiencing joy
Living life try to grasp the very being of us all

And it goes on and on and on
Try to be a shoulder to lean on
Stand up tall and recognize
Something bigger emphasize
On your strength and realize
There's nothing wrong

Instead of bearing other thoughts you can’t accept
Research yourself (yourself)
There are so many ways to interact
With oneness (oneness) and multitude
Cause when the earth stops turning so will you
Track Name: Raise A Glass
Scramble through the night
Ending up in cheerful reunion
Meeting all kind of old faces
They cheer me up in the wildest ways
Take me back to a brighter past

Raise a glass to those who stay
And pour some out for those who left
Don't forget the ones who left their mark on you
I sing this praise for all my friends
Who walked along this path with me
Don't forget the stage is yours

Trapped in the daily grind
Day in day out no variety
Getting lost in repeating daydreams
This past’s even brighter than it seems
Vaguely remembering the fun
I got your back whatever may come
Won’t ever leave your side